Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon

Brittany has a very interesting potential for Atlantic salmon fishing. Indeed, between 50 to 60% of the annual catches are recorded on brittany coastal rivers. The chances of success are real. I offer my fly fishing guide service in Brittany to take you to the most beautiful rivers over the seasons, depending on the potential of each of them, but also your desires.

Here is a selection of the most beautiful salmon rivers of Brittany where I offer my guide service and skills.

Atlantic salmon from Ellé River - 30th April 2017 - Finistère

Fly Fishing courses and stays for Atlantic salmon in Brittany


Depending on the season I will take you out fishing on some of the best rivers for Atlantic salmon in Brittany.

I will bring you my technical advice on each of the best rivers of Brittany for a very personalized guided day or stays.


Season: From mid-March to 15th October

Depending on the season, some rivers fish better than others. For this reason I offer to take you out on the river that fishes best at the moment of your stay being personally on the water almost everyday and having a great network and relationship with local fly fishermen, I am always aware of the "good spots". Each river has its particularities but also dates of opening and closing.


Rivers fished: Ellé, Isole, Scorff (56), Aven, Elorn, in Finistère and Morbihan, but also on the Leguer in the Côtes d'Armor (22).


Schedule: 9:30 - 18: 30/19: 00 (approximately 8 hours of guidance and instruction)


Rates: From 210€ to 240 € per day depending on the service. Degressive rates depending on the number of people and number of days booked.  


Typical program for a salmon fishing day in Brittany: (for information, contact me for more details)

I personally tailored each trip in order to bring you the best service.


- Reading water and adapting our technique

- Choice of equipment (rod, line polyleader, tippet, ...) depending on the river, the season and conditions.

- Fishing strategy

- Learning one or several techniques (wet fly, tube fly fishing, top water fishing, ...)

- Improve your casting, presentation, retrieve.

Beginner and Advanced Spey Cast for single and two handed rod.

- Choice of the fly according to the river, season, activity and conditions.

Customized guidance on the best salmon rivers in Brittany

Jean-Baptiste Vidal Guide de pêche à la mouche
The Elle River


The Ellé River is certainly one of the most beautiful salmon rivers of Brittany and France with the Leguer. It is a wild river, running down  in a wild and quiet valley, where it is very peaceful to fly fish. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, its water runs between the departments of Finistère and Morbihan. The salmon runs are satisfactory and pretty stable, and with more than 250 catches recorded in recent years. It is the best salmon river in Brittany. The diversity of the river offers a very interesting fishing, in beautiful and varied scenery.

The Scorff river

The Scorff flows in the department of Morbihan at the border with Finistère before arriving in the estuary where he will meet the Blavet near Lorient. It is a beautiful trout and salmon river where old mills give it a character and a special charm. The salmon population on the Scorff appears to be at an interesting level in the recent years, offering good opportunities, particularly for grisle. The stretches are less crowded and sometimes can offer a bit of a surprise, especially during the beginning of the season. Various section offer very good  fly fishing water in a beautiful scenery.

Jean-Baptiste Vidal Guide de pêche à la mouche
Jean-Baptiste Vidal Guide de pêche à la mouche
The Elorn River


The Elorn river is a beautiful small river with a fairly slow profile where the salmon pools easy to find. A paradise for trout fly fishing, but also for atlantic salmon. The Elorn will charm you.

Flowing between Sizun and Landerneau, the profile is quite varied and characteristic of brittany rivers.

On the section between Landivisiau and Landerneau, the salmon spots are numerous, with the very nice fly fishing zone of the "Quinquis" located on the middle part of the river.

Very well maintained, fly fishing can be practiced quite easily, especially using roll cast and spey cast with single handed rod.

The Elorn river has a very interesting potential for salmon.

The Aven River


Less known by fishermen, the Aven is a beautiful small river where atlantic salmon run from mars to october.

Runing from Coray village, it goes through the town of Rosporden, then travels a faster section before arriving at Pont-Aven on the beautiful area of ​​Bois d'Amour, to finally meet the estuary and then the Atlantic Ocean.

As a small river, is best to use short rods, single hand. It's a river I like to fish/guide especially for grisles on light tackle.

A real pleasure to fight a fresh fish in 6 o 7 weight rod! 

A river that is often better after some rain, also called "spate River", when salmon run up to the upper stretches. 

A nice river to fish in summer and during fall, when we are often alone on this charming little stream.

Jean-Baptiste Vidal Guide de pêche à la mouche
Jean-Baptiste Vidal Guide de pêche à la mouche
The Leguer river


Brittany holds other jewels for fly fishing for atlantic salmon, such as the Leguer river, a magnificent wild river in the Côtes d'Armor (22) very famous for spring salmon fishing.

With the Ellé, the Leguer is one of the best salmon rivers in Brittany and France.

Very well managed, only fly fishing is allowed after the quota is reached and all the river is open until mid-June. 

Many great fly water and wadding allowed on the river side which is very pleasant compared to all the other river in Brittany.

Salmon from Brittany and many other places in the world!