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Fly Fishing day trip and stays in Brittany 

(all year round)

Jean-Baptiste Vidal Guide de pêche à la mouche

Brittany offers a very interesting potential to fly fish for multiple species both in fresh and salt water.


We have the privilege to host many Atlantic salmon rivers which offer good runs throughout the season even if it's obviously tougher than most of European rivers. Salmon fishing often requires a guide to know the "good spots ", where the fish are, some tricks and none of the less the best flies of the moment!


For more than fifteen years,we have been fly fishing for another migratory fish who is often neglected: shad.

It is a very interesting, active, and exciting fishing, which provides good sensations with the right equipment. They often fight hard, run, and gives you a lot of emotion.


The technical trout fishing on our beautiful small streams is also one of my passions. While the fish are modest in size, our trout dresses beautiful colors, and are 100% wild and very combative!


Since 2000 when we first arrive in Brittany, we have also searched for this fabulous marine predator that is sea bass. I particularly specialized myself in finding trophy sea bass sight fishing from shore with crabs and shrimps pattern. A real challenge for every fly fisherman very similar to saltwater fishing for permit and bonefish. For those who want to start fishing sea bass, or target regular sized fish, I can take you out on my customized Carolina Skiff and help you out catching your first sea bass out of our estuary and coastline. Whether from my skiff or shore, come try the experience!


Thanks to the acquisition of my 15 foot Carolina Skiff, since 2018, I also offer to fly fish for pike in lake and pond. This freshwater predator offers very exciting fishing and explosive takes.


Because it is a very important  in our passion and sport, I also give fly casting tuition for both single handed and Spey rod to beginners, confirmed and expert anglers.

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Fly Fishing for migratory fish in Brittany

One of my speciality!

Atlantic Salmon

From mid- march until mid-October

Atlantic salmon Fly Fishing

Salmon fly fishing in Brittany is a long-standing tradition. Since the dawn of time, Atlantic salmon have colonized many Armorican rivers. Each of them has its particularity, its season, its profiles, but also its flies, equipment, and techniques ... I offer my skills to teach you both casting tuition and fishing techniques, on the best rivers rivers of Brittany which are the Ellé, Elorn, Aven, Scorff, and Leguer. These rivers offer today in France the best potential to take a salmon on fly either for springers or grisle (summer run).

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Allis Shad

From mid-april to end of june

Shad Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for shad in Brittany is one of the most interesting in May-June with the beautiful trout fishing at this time of the year for Danica May Fly. The shad colonize several rivers of Brittany rivers. It's been more than 15 years that I actively search for them on different rivers, all along the season, whether in traditional technique  in channeled rivers or sight fishing in smaller rivers. I will bring you out fishing on the best spots at the best time for this capricious and technical species, especially on the Aulne, Blavet, and also the lower part of the Ellé, Elorn or Odet. A very active fishing with lots of takes, rushes and acrobatic jumps. What else?

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Casting courses

All year round

Single handed and Spey Casting tuition


Although still underdeveloped in France, Spey Casting is becoming more and more popular on our rivers. Mostly used to fish for migratory fish (salmon and sea trout), this art of casting a fly to long-distance without effort requires a lot of practice and technique. Having personally practiced intensely abroad during my international seasons and trips and also in Brittany, I offer you to benefit from my experience to introduce you to this technique or to improve your skills. Whether in a group or a private lesson, I will offer different programs, adapted to your needs.

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Trout Fly Fishing in rivers and lakes

Wild brown trout

From mid-March to mid-September

Wild brown trout in river


Brittany offers a wide selection of magnificent trout rivers that are perfect for using all the modern and traditional fly fishing techniques. The diversity of rivers inhabited by wild and beautifully colored brown trout are worth the trip and look. We practice a very technical fishing, "french techniques" that allows us to improve our skills and progress in our passion, our art of casting a fly where are our beautiful wild trout.

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From September to March

Stillwater fly fishing


Brittany offers the possibility to fish several reservoirs for stocked rainbow trout. Lake St Michel, Saint Conan reservoir or very recently in the reservoir of Colpo or Park Ar Bihan are known to be good reservoirs. Dry fly fishing, chiro., wet flies and streamer fishing is possible throughout the season but especially during the fall and winter when river fishing is closed. Trout are combative and powerful and will be lots of fun.

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Pike Fly Fishing

From May to end of January

Lake, reservoir, pond or channel

Pike is one of our biggest predators in freshwater. Its fishing provides guaranteed sensations thanks to its blazing and explosive attacks.

St Michel reservoir  in particular offers a very interesting potential because of its shallow profile, ideal for fly fishing but also because of pike size average in the lake, with each year fish exceeding one meter! With my Carolina Skiff, it's a real pleasure to fly fishing for them in several lakes.

Coastal ponds and canal from Nantes to Brest can also be interesting at certain times of the year.

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...mais aussi en estuaire et en mer!

Sea bass Fly Fishing

From May to end of November

European sea bass fly fishing

Sea bass is the ultimate marine predator! Brittany offers many possibilities to track dicentrarchus labrax on fly especially in the estuary. Around Quimperlé several estuaries are nearby and allow to search them in different conditions this outstanding predator. With streamer and topwater flies, or sight fishing in shallow water, sea bass on the fly offers great sensations for the sports fisherman whether beginner, confirmed or expert. I will give you my knowledge and you will pass on this passion for this sport fish.

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Pêche du bar en bateau

Bien différent de la traque du bar à vue du bord, je recherche également le bar sur mon bateau équipé pour la pêche à la mouche.

Au streamer et mouches du surface, en dérive, en estuaire et sur la côte, nous recherchons les bars sur des postes bien précis, parfois sur chasse, tout au long de la journée, dans un cadre magnifique que nous offre la Bretagne-Sud.

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