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For our guests, we have developed good relations with some hosts located near my fishing spots, in order to offer a service adapted to your "fishing trip".

These structures have all our confidence and will bring you complete satisfaction. Houses, hotels, Bed and Breakfast or camping, are available according to the chosen sectors and your budget.


If you want, and according to your wishes but also according to your "formula", we can take care of your accommodation near the fishing spot that we will have the opportunity to fish during your stay. Whether at night or for an extended stay, here are several addresses of structures with which I work.


You can contact them directly, from us, or let us organize a "turnkey" stay. It's up to you!

Click on the picture to access to their website.

Close to Ellé River

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The cottage Coatourman-Vihan, located in of Querrien 5 minutes away from my home is a charming old house completely renovated to accommodate 6 people. Less than 5 minutes from the Ellé River, at a place called Kerscolier, one of the most beautiful stretch of this famous river, a great place for salmon and trout fishing just upstream of the famous "Roches du Diable". An ideal place for a quiet stay in South Brittany. 25 minutes from the coast and beaches, 30 minutes from Pont-Aven, Lorient and close to many tourist attractions.

Contact me in advance for a reservation.

The Vintage Hotel, in the lower town of Quimperlé, near the Ellé River, which meet the Isole River, it's main tributary, to form the Laïta, is a charming hotel that will fill you. A very pleasant place for a night or a weekend. 10 minutes from the famous stretch "Les Gorrets" on the lower part of the Ellé River where the first salmon arrive and manifest themselves and very close to the best spots of several good rivers. Contact me in advance for a reservation.

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The Ty Nadan Village Resort, located out of the village of Arzano offers different types of accommodation (bungalow, cottage, tents) in a very natural setting. The Resort offers a wide range of activities: horse riding, canoeing, climbing, tree climbing, tennis, swimming, fishing, entertainment ... Located on the river banks of the Ellé River on its middle part near the stretch of Ty Nadan also called the Horseshoe section as the river turn on a right curve, you will be in the heart of the valley of one of the best salmon and trout rivers of Brittany.

Contact me in advance for a reservation.

Close to Quimper Rivers

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Les Camélias, charming bed and breakfast, located in the countryside of Elliant close to the river Jet, is a very pleasant place to stay near the rivers of the area of ​​Quimper (Odet, Jet, Steïr). 3 minutes from the Jet, beautiful river to fish for wild brown trout, you can go fishing on foot from your accommodation.

Catherine and Marcel will welcome you with kindness and can advise you for your activities in the area.

In Finistere there is a few accommodations that has been labeled "Fishing House". You can find out more by visiting these two sites if you are interested. Feel free to contact me for more information.

The Moulin de Kerchuz, located in the countryside of Saint Thurien, has recently been tastefully renovated to welcome nature lovers and fishermen. Located on the banks of the Isole River on its middle part between St Thurien and Scaër, you will discover a beautiful and wild area, very interesting to pursue wild endemic brown trout. The cottage can accommodate up to 6 people and offers extraordinary comfort , equipped with a sauna with infra-red, music and light therapy and steam room, lounge overlooking the river, 3 large comfortable rooms with new bedding, internet and TV. To find out more, click on the photo to access the site.

Contact me in advance for a reservation.

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On the riverside of the Isole

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